Through short webinars, we make topics related to problematic and harmful sexual behavior among children and young people accessible and visible.

A shor Webinar is a 45-minute live broadcast on social media, approximately every 2 months, where we initiate discussions and contribute to increased knowledge (we hope!). We focus on the knowledge base, understanding, and practices within the field of harmful sexual behavior.

Usually, the panel consists of experts from RVTS (Resource Centers for Violence, Traumatic Stress, and Suicide Prevention) with expertise in children and youth sexuality. We often also invite guest speakers.

We aim to inspire critical reflection within services and raise awareness. We facilitate dynamic conversations, discussing ‘light’ about important and challenging topics.

The webinars are conducted in Norwegian.

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Hva er Frokostwebinar?

Gjennom frokostwebinarer gjør vi tema knyttet til bekymringsfull og skadelig seksuell atferd blant barn og…

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Barn og porno thumbnail

Barn og porno

Hva vet vi om barn og unges bruk av porno? Internettporno er kun et tastetrykk…
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