About seksuellatferd.no

Welcome to seksuellatferd.no, an online resource for professionals working with issues related to healthy sexual development and the management of concerning and harmful sexual behavior among children and adolescents.

The website is a collaborative project between the regional resource centers for violence, traumatic stress, and suicide prevention (RVTS). The project is led by psychologist PhD Oddfrid Skorpe Tennfjord from RVTS Midt. Editorial responsibility is taken care of by psychologist specialist Steinar Hvål from RVTS Vest, while the illustrations are designed by Jens A. Larsen Aas. Communication advisor Sylvia Haukanes from RVTS Vest is responsible for the web.

The editorial team:

The editorial team collectively has extensive experience working at various levels and in several services related to violence, abuse, and harmful sexual behavior among children and adolescents. This varied background ensures that the website has access to a wide range of expertise and experience to ensure the quality and relevance of the content.

As of April 2024, the editorial team consists of Oddfrid Skorpe (PhD/psychologist), Morten Jensås Lundgren (special advisor), Marita Sandvik (special advisor), Christy Benedict Edvarsen (special advisor), Ulla Bjørndahl (special advisor), Rona Eriksen Andersgaard (special advisor), Pernille Lavoll (special advisor), Espen Odden (psychologist specialist), Mette Ekenes Garmannslund (psychologist specialist), Steinar Hvål (psychologist specialist).


The website is funded through grants received by the RVTS centers from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, in collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs. The grant regulations for the scheme provide the framework for the centers’ activities, where the operation of seksuellatferd.no is one of several specified measures to promote competence development and information dissemination.

Knowledge base:

RVTS and the editorial team base their work on a broad knowledge base, including selected research, experiential, and user knowledge. The authors, both internal from RVTS and external contributors, have extensive experience in clinical practice and knowledge dissemination. Reference lists are available on each subpage, and there are suggestions for further reading in several places on the website.


Seksuellatferd.no aims to be a useful, professionally grounded, professionally anchored, and easily accessible resource for you as a professional. Seksuellatferd.no aims to encourage increased insight and understanding related to concerning and harmful sexual behavior among children and adolescents.