A website with resources about healthy sexual development and how to deal with problematic and harmful sexual behaviour

Plan for schools

Prevention and management of problematic and harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people.

Traffic lights

A guide to identify, understand and respond to sexual behaviours (english version here)

Handling and management of harmful sexual behaviour

When children and young people display sexual behaviour capable of hurting others or themselves, the adults have a duty to react and provide help and protection.

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E-learning program

The purpose of the E-learning program is to rise awareness and knowledge of healthy sexuality in children and young people. Further the goal is to be of help and assistance in situations where children and young people have displayed problematic and harmful sexual behaviour. 

Did you know...

40 % av adolescents have felt preassured into sending nude photos of themselves? 12 % say they have sendt a naked photograph and 5 % have experienced having their photo spread?

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Parents and caregivers

As parents, caregivers and relatives, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to react when children display offending sexual behaviour. Read mor about the subject here

Skjermbilde (67)


Webinar Friday 22th of April

Morning webinars

Throughout the year, the editorial staff arrange morning webinars every other month. We are streaming live on Facebook. Past webinars are available here. Information of future events is available in the event calendar.

Tools and instruments?

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Almost 90 % of boys, and almost 40 % of girls, have seen pornography before before 18 years old. Most people search for porn because they want to. Pornography is the most prominent sexuality educator for many young people.

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During the seminar you will receive traning and information about the assesment tool AIM-3  (Assesment, intervention and moving on). The seminar will be in Norwegian.

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De er alle våre barn

I forbindelse med nasjonal konferanse “De er alle våre barn” (2021), er det utviklet en nettside med undervisnings- og informasjonsmateriell. Neste nasjonale konferanse arrangeres i 2023 i Bergen.