A website with resources about healthy sexual development and how to deal with problematic and harmful sexual behaviour.


The website is developed by RVTS

The website is developed by the Regional center on violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention (RVTS). Oddfrid Skorpe Tennfjord from the Mid-Norway region is the project manager.

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Contakt Oddfrid Skorpe Tennfjord.

Target group

The website is aimed at everyone who encounters children and young people with problematic or harmful sexual behaviour, as well as others who are interested.

How the professional field in Norway is organized

In the field regarding children and young people with harmful sexual behaviour, there are two official national networks: National competence network on children and young people with harmful sexual behaviour, and National clinical HSB-network on mental health care, division on children and young people.

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National competence network
The mandate of the competence network is to develop, maintain, and coordinate the competence of Norway’s professional field. Those who participate in the National competence network on children and young people with harmful sexual behaviour are RVTS (every region), Statens barnehus (Children’s Advocacy Center), V27 Betanien Bergen, National clinical HSB-network in mental health care – the children and young people-division and Bufetat’s expert team. The national competence network is coordinated by RVTS region Mid-Norway by psychologist Ph.D. Oddfrid Skorpe Tennfjord.
National clinical HSB-network
The National clinical HSB-network is led by V27 Betanien Bergen by specialist in clinical psychology Monica Jensen. The network is part of a national implementation of competence and knowledge on problematic and harmful sexual behaviour. Those participating are clinicians employed in mental health care for children and young people, and receive training in therapy and interventions. The network holds several gatherings per year, and the participants contribute to strengthening their own region’s competence on harmful sexual behaviour (HSB). Many of the participants are therefore also in regional HSB consultation teams. In addition they have been instructed on how to use the assessment tools Aim3 and Aim for treatment.

The regions have their own regional networks. These networks are multidisciplinary and consist of different authorities. The networks have an overview over local resources and facilitate interregional cooperation. Several networks also function as consultasion team

It is possible to contact several authorities, be it the Child Welfare Service, Police, BUP, or more specialized units like Ressursenhet V27 Betanien Sykehus, Bergen, or RVTS.