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The AIM project has existed for over 20 years and is an English non-profit organization. AIM stands for Assessment, Intervention and Moving on. The goal of the project is to develop tools for professionals working with children and young people and their relatives, if there is worry about the child or young person’s sexual behaviour. AIM is perhaps most known for developing AIM3, formerly known as AIM2, which is Britain’s most used risk assessment and evaluation tool. The AIM-tools are trauma-informed, ecological, empirical- and knowledge-based. They are developed and evaluated with the purpose of being applied by various professionals in several arenas who perform different tasks. In Norway these are, among others, the local Child Welfare Service, general practitioners/municipal health care, kindergartens, schools, state-run children’s houses, The National Mediation Service, The Norwegian Correctional Service, Family Counselling, the Child Welfare Service and mental health care for children and young people (BUP). The V27/Betanien hospitals are responsible for the Norwegian editions of the AIM-tools. See here for more on courses, the AIM-project and AIM-tools:

AIM3 Assessment

AIM3 Assessment (2019) (previously AIM2) is an assessment tool used in cases where a young person (aged 12-18) has displayed harmful sexual behaviour. The tool identifies concerns and potential strengths with the adolescent in question and their situation. The result becomes a guide when making safety plans and process-driven measures both in the short-term and long-term. The tool can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and other measures taken. RVTS organizes AIM3-courses. To attend an AIM3-course you first have to attend a course in basic knowledge of harmful sexual behaviour. Go to the RVTS websites to find available courses in your area.

AIM Treatment

AIM Treatment (second edition, 2019) is an updated guide to use during treatment of adolescents (12-18 years of age) who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour. The target group is first and foremost those working with treating adolescents. To procure and use the Norwegian AIM Treatment-guide you must attend a course arranged by RVTS, with a requirement of having previously completed a course on the AIM3 (formerly AIM2). For an overview over available courses, see the individual RVTS branches.


AIM Restorative Practice

AIM Restorative Practice is a manual used when mediating conversations between the adolescent who has displayed harmful sexual behaviour and the person or persons who were exposed to said behaviour, as well as other affected people like caregivers or siblings. The purpose of such a conversation can be to clarify what exactly happened, why it happened, what the following consequences have been, and what should happen next. The manual is currently being translated. The work is headed by V27/Betanien and RVTS West.

Play it Right

Play it Right is a flexible conversation tool, created to help people talk about important topics which affect sexuality and sexual development. The tool is designed to easily fit into the busy schedule of everyday life. It is possible to select only one or two parts, or use the tool in its entirety, depending on what suits your situation.

Play it Right consists of 3 parts:

A tutorial, a guidebook and easy-to-understand aids to assist in conversations with children and young people. The tool box includes 7 distinctive decks of cards on different topics, in addition to a conversation thermometer and regulation dice. The thermometer and dice in particular can help increase functionality in conversations with adolescents – no matter the topic – and the ability to adjust said conversations accordingly.

Target group

The tool is crafted to ensure most adults can use it and carry out conversations with adolescents and young adults in the ages 12-25.


PROFESOR is a structured checklist for professional use, capable of identifying and summarizing risks and protective factors for adolescents and young adults (ages 12-25) who have performed violating sexual acts.

PROFESOR is meant to be used in planning and intervention to help adolescents improve their relationship with their sexual health and their relationships to others, thereby preventing relapses into violating sexual behaviour.

Guidelines, user guidance and a scoring assistant are available to download for free on the RVTS West website (Norwegian). Tutorials and training are necessary to make use of the tool justifiably.

Go to Courses, webinars and podcasts for information about ongoing PROFESOR-courses.

Puberty and sexuality

Dette undervisningsopplegget er utarbeidet for barn og unge med Asperger syndrom og høytfungerende autisme. Hensikten er å kunne ta opp tema omkring pubertet og seksualitet på en visuell, konkret og strukturert måte.

Materialet er utarbeidet med tanke på at den unge skal få riktig kompetanse rundt temaene, og å kunne fremme refleksjoner og undring hos den unge sammen med en trygg voksen, helst i samarbeid med helsesykepleier.

Det er erfart at materialet kan benyttes også av unge med behov for et visuelt og strukturert opplegg. 

Planet Porn

– a discussion game to use for supervision and treatment of adolescents

This teaching plan guide is developed specifically for children and young people with Asperger-syndrome and high-functioning autism, with the intent of bringing up topics related to puberty and sexuality in a visual, structured and easy-to-understand way.

The material is made to provide the student with the correct competence in the subjects, and encourage reflection and wonder in the presence of an assured adult – all of this ideally in cooperation with the school nurse. The material can also be used by other students in need of a more visual and structured teaching plan guide, based on prior experience. Find versions adapted to screens and print here.


A guide teaching adults to IDENTIFY, ASSESS and RESPOND to sexual behaviour causing concerns.

E-learning and school guide

The school guide consists of a training manual and an e-learning course

The school guide has been developed by RVTS Midt together with Rebessa (Regional resource team on children and young people with worrying or harmful sexual behavior).