A website with resources about healthy sexual development and how to deal with problematic and harmful sexual behaviour.


What can you do when discovering sexual abuse or harmful sexual behaviour online?
  • Save the evidence. Print out copies of messages and websites. Make use of the function allowing you to save messages.
  • If a fake or offensive profile targeted at a child is created on a social website, report this directly to the website in question. The link to report digital harassment is often found under the ‘help’ function on the website. Make sure you copy the web address in case you have to do this.
  • Keep an eye on children’s use of the internet
  • Report the digital bullying to the police if it includes threats, harassment or sexual extortion

Seek out help if a child shows signs of emotional stress like grief, pain, distress, or thinking about self-harm.


If you want to delete photos or videos that have been shared online, contact Slettmeg.no (Norwegian), a counselling service for people who experience being mistreated on the internet.

See also this website by the police: Delbart.no